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  Topic: Best 2D to 3D MP4 Video Converter

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PostForum:  ::    Posted: Thu Jan 17, 2019 11:32 am   Subject: Best 2D to 3D MP4 Video Converter
When a movie is shot in 3D, the scenes can be planned so that the parallax doesn’t change quickly from scene to scene making it easier for you to follow the action and for their eyes to adjust to each scene. Converting a movie which has already been shot doesn’t allow for that luxury, so in addition to all the other challenges of planning for the 3D conversion, smoothly managing transitions for comfortable viewing is also a necessity. This article show you how to convert 2D to 3D MP4 format for viewing with 3D effect onBest 2D to 3D MP4 Video Converter for Windows / Mac (Yosemite included) Pavtube Video Converter Download:
- Pavtube old official address:Make 3D Side-by-Side MP4 video from 2D on Windows

Step 1: Load your 2D MP4 video files.

Launch the best 2D to 3D Video Converter. Click the button & ...
  Topic: 4 Free Methods to Free Rotate Video

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PostForum:  ::    Posted: Mon Jan 14, 2019 11:13 am   Subject: 4 Free Methods to Free Rotate Video
"Is there a way to rotate video and how to rotate a video on computer?" Have you ever recorded videos with your video camera on the cell phone only to find the recorded videos is sideways or upside down when playing on Mac or PC. We always need to use cameras, camcorders, mobile phones and other devices to record videos in daily life. The video may work well on shooting equipment, but you’ll often find it upsidedown or in wrong direction once you transfer it to PC. A recorded video orientated incorrectly is not rarely seen, especially with the smartphones getting increasingly popular. Fortunately, the answer is yes and thanks to a professional video rotator, you can rotate a video with ease.

Here I recommend several ways to you. With them, you can rotate videos with original video quality and easy steps. And you can rotate video 90 degrees clockwise, counterclockwise, horizontally and vertically flip video clips. You can rotate videos according to your personal needs. The ...
  Topic: Best Way to get Emby to play MKV movies

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PostForum:  ::    Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 11:19 am   Subject: Best Way to get Emby to play MKV movies
Embyis a media center application, its server and clients have spread to Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD, NAS Devices Asustor, FreeNAS, Docker etc. Its designed to organize your various types of media and gives you a friendly interface and make it convenient to navigate to all of the movies, TV shows, and other digital media files that you already own. We often use Emby to play media files directly. However many people, including me, meet these conditions when we are playing the MKV video on Emby directly.

Condition 1:This happens to me, the video ends early. For example, it usually cuts off the credits on a typical television series.

Condition 2:When you get the jump back issue which has been around for several server releases without resolution.

Condition 3:You are watching a couple of TV shows to the end, but playback has jumped back about 1 minute or 3 minutes each time and then started playing again from that point.

Condition 4:Screen is nothing. When you try ...
  Topic: MKV Not Supported by Blu-ray Player via USB? Solved!

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PostForum:  ::    Posted: Tue Jan 08, 2019 11:26 am   Subject: MKV Not Supported by Blu-ray Player via USB? Solved!
MKV support TV but not Blu-ray player? Samsung H6500

OK, here is the problem. Got some files around 6.1gb and it is playing via my tv usb port & on my Hard disk, But not playing on my blu ray player! Says its not supported ? Samsung Blu-ray player supported file formats

To answer above listed question, you should be clear what file formats can be played on SamsungBlu-ray player and we find a table list (last update date: 2015-10-29) from Samsung’s official site as below:

Obliviously, certain file types of MKV that’s meeting the following standards will be accepted by Samsung Blu-ray players:
File extension: *.mkv
Codec: Divx 3.11/4/5/6
Resolution: 1920×1080
Frame rate: 6-30fps
Bitrate: 30Mbps
Audio codec: Dolby Digital LPCM ADPCM (IMA, MS), AAC,WMA, Dolby DigitalPlus, MPEG(MP3), DTS (Core)

The users posted ...
  Topic: Rip Blu-ray With the Right Subtitle on Windows

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PostForum:  ::    Posted: Thu Jan 03, 2019 11:07 am   Subject: Rip Blu-ray With the Right Subtitle on Windows
A commercial Blu-ray disc do not always include one subtitle. If you have collected lots of Blu-ray movies, you may have clues to do Blu-ray ripping job. Well, do you know how to convert Blu-ray with your preferred subtitles? When ripping Blu-ray movies, you may want to keep the right subtitles for foreign films so that you can better understand the movie. Then how to rip Blu-ray with the right subtitle on Windows 10/8.1/8? In this article, we’ll show you an easy way to rip Blu-ray with subtitles for easier storage or playback.

See also:is highly recommended to help your convert your Blu-ray movie to AVI, MP4, WMV, MKV, FLV, MOV, etc. with selected subtitles. Moreover, with advanced disc decryption technology support, high converting speed and smooth ripping process will be presented. Read theis a specialized program that aims at providing the best solution to convert Blu ray with subtitles on Mac ...
  Topic: Stream any Video and Audio format to Roku

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PostForum:  ::    Posted: Fri Dec 28, 2018 11:02 am   Subject: Stream any Video and Audio format to Roku
Roku is a mighty streaming video machine, with channels offering movies and shows from most major streaming providers, including Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and HBO Go. Many users want to use Roku as a streamer to cast local video contents to HDTV for playing, but they don’t know which format is supported for streaming, that’s why we are here to learn how to stream any Supported/Unsupported Video and Audio format from your mobile to Roku.

Roku Supported and Unsupported Video Formats

The Roku Media Player channel enables you to play back personal video, music and photo files from a DLNA server on your local network or a USB drive attached to a USB equipped Roku.

The following media file formats are Roku supported:

Video MKV (H.264), MP4 (H.264), MOV (H.264), WMV (VC-1, firmware 3.1 only)

Music AAC, MP3, WMA, FLAC (firmware 5.3 and later), WAV (firmware 5.3 and ...
  Topic: Convert DVD To M3U8 Format

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PostForum:  ::    Posted: Thu Dec 27, 2018 10:26 am   Subject: Convert DVD To M3U8 Format
Streaming live video in Android is always taking choke problem. Even though you are playing the real video ripped from DVD movies, this issue also happens from time to time. For the latter problem, you can avoid it by ripping DVD to M3U8 for Android. M3U8 file is often used for playlists that are stored in the M3U UTF-8 (Unicode) text playlist format. This kind of M3U8 files is the basis for the HTTP Live Streaming format. Changing DVD to M3U8 for HTTP Live Streaming can effectively get more smooth media streaming on Android.

What you need to convert DVD to M3U8 for living streaming on Android is ais a good choice, which can help you rip any commercial,Free download and install Pavtube DVDAid: Download:
Pavtube old official address:How to rip DVD to M3U8 f ...
  Topic: Top 5 Free Youtube Video Converter Reviews

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PostForum:  ::    Posted: Tue Dec 25, 2018 11:25 am   Subject: Top 5 Free Youtube Video Converter Reviews
YouTube is such a site that you can download popular movies and funny videos from and upload your own personal video to for sharing with friends or just attract people. You should no matter you download YouTube video or attach video to YouTube, the video has to follow the format rules. To put it simple, YouTube has requirement on video formats. If your video isnt the format, you need to convert the video to YouTube accept one withYouTube Video Converter.

What Format Youtube Videos Are In?

According to Wikipedia, Youtube has four default containers (FLV, MP4, WebM, and 3GP)

When people choose different video resolution, they have different video format choices. The following mayoccurbecause some resolutions can have different containers:

Selecting 360p could either be FLV or MP4.

Selecting 480p could either be FLV or WebM.

Selecting 720p could either be MP4 or WebM.

YouTube Supported VideoFor Uplo ...
  Topic: Top 5 4K Video Converter for Windows

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PostForum:  ::    Posted: Fri Dec 21, 2018 11:27 am   Subject: Top 5 4K Video Converter for Windows
Are you looking for a professional4K Video Converter? Here gathered around top 54K Video Convertersfor Windows for you. Hope you can find the ideal one for you.

4K technology seems to be on the cusp of taking over the HD digital media world, from TV screens to computer monitors tocamerasandprojectors, 4K screen resolution and all of its accompanying features are starting to circulate widely. But there are still many devices that can’t handle 4K videos. So in this case, if you want to enjoy 4096×2160 or 3840× 2160on normal 1080p, even 720p resolution screen, you need to compress 4K to lower resolution to adapt to your devices.

Here, we gathered top 10 4K Video Converter for Windows that can help you convert 4K to 1080p, convert 4K to 720p, etc. If you want a 4K Video Converter for Mac OS X El Capitan, Yosemite, etc, please readTop 5 4k video converters for windows

  Topic: Best Alternative for Aurora Blu-ray Copy

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PostForum:  ::    Posted: Wed Dec 19, 2018 11:19 am   Subject: Best Alternative for Aurora Blu-ray Copy
Simple introduction of Aurora Blu-ray Copy

Aurora Blu-ray Copy is a one-click free Blu-ray copy software to make perfect Blu-ray backup easily on Windows. It can backup Blu-ray movie disc to the hard drive and burn the Blu-ray ISO image files from the local drive to discs with absolutely the same quality. With this Free Blu-ray copy software, users can easily decrypt any types of Blu-ray disc and backup them into hard drive directly.

Why need to find a Aurora Blu-ray Copy alternative?

It’s limited to make exact copies of discs
There are no customization or compression tools
The Windows version not work on Windows 10 while the Mac version not works on macOS Sierra or macOS High Sierra

Best Alternative for Aurora Free Blu-ray Copy

For those people wish to copy Blu-ray on Windows 10 or macOS Sierra or High Sierra or you wish to copy Blu-ray not only with full disc structure, but also make main movie copy, lossless multi-track MKV ...
  Topic: Play VOB on Samsung Smart TV

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PostForum:  ::    Posted: Mon Dec 17, 2018 11:22 am   Subject: Play VOB on Samsung Smart TV
How can I play VOB files on my Samsung Smart TV?

I have some old DVDs which have .vob video files on them. I want to copy them to external hard drive which I generally use to playback content on my smart TV. I want to know if I should just change the .VOB extension to .mpeg for playback on my Samsung TV or should I use the proper format conversion? I heard that . VOB are same as .mpeg.

Samsung Smart TV supported file formats

To answer whether Samsung TV can playback VOB files, you should be clear what digital file formats can be played on Samsung Smart TV, from the official specification of Samsung, we get the following information:

From above lists, we can see that although Samsung Smart TV owns the capability to playback VOB container file formats, however, it only handles VOB files without copy protection. If your VOB files are encrypted ones, then you will need a special application to bypass that protection.

Rip VOB for Samsung TV playing

To complete the job, you ...
  Topic: Best Supported Video Format for PS4

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PostForum:  ::    Posted: Thu Dec 13, 2018 11:18 am   Subject: Best Supported Video Format for PS4
Something you may not know about PS4:
If you are a video game enthusiast, you must have heard about or owned the Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4). The Sony PS4 is currently the best game console in the market, featuring with stunning hardware performance and the DUALSHOCK controller.You can even directly share your epic triumphs game experience with your friends by simply press the “Share” button. Moreover, one of the most headline-grabbing features of the PS4 is that it supports 4K movie streaming! With the HDMI 2.0 cable connected, you can play 4K movie with PS4 and enjoy it on 4K TV, or big screen TV! Amazing, isn’t it? search:Some main files formats recommended for PS4:
Memory Stick Video Formats
H.264/MPEG-4 AVC Main Profile (AAC LC)
Motion JPEG (Linear PCM)
Motion JPEG (u-Law)
MP4 File Format
H.264/MPEG-4 AVC High P ...
  Topic: Enjoy/Play DVD on Panasonic TV from USB & External Drive

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PostForum:  ::    Posted: Tue Dec 11, 2018 11:39 am   Subject: Enjoy/Play DVD on Panasonic TV from USB & External Drive
Have no idea how to get your DVD files playable on your Panasonic TV via USB drive? From this article you will get the best DVD Ripper software which can rip DVD movies to Panasonic TV USB supported format, you can play DVD on Panasonic TV from USB easily.

In recent years the newly released HDTVs such as Panasonic LED/LCD/3D TV have added support for USB media playback, so if you can copy DVD movies to USB flash drive, external drive, pen drive or media box, you will be able to play DVD on Panasonic TV from USB port, it becomes convenient for you to enjoy your DVD disc movies. But, How to rip DVD to Panasonic TV USB supported format? This article will show you an easy method to rip DVD to Panasonic TV supported format, and then you can play DVD with higher UHD resolution.

To most users they want to copy DVD movies to USB flash drive or external drive but they don’t know how ...
  Topic: ConvertISO files to MP4

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PostForum:  ::    Posted: Thu Dec 06, 2018 11:12 am   Subject: ConvertISO files to MP4
Have several hundred .ISO images of Blu-ray/DVD’s on your local computer or server and would like to convert them to MP4 format for more convenient playback or sharing as Blu-ray family Slidshows through QNAP NAS? Stop here and hold on reading

Q: “I want to make Blu-ray family Slidshows. I find if I make an ISO it is much easier to produce multiple copied. Then to convert to MPEG 2 or MP4 is much quicker than ripping to 1080P which could be up to 40Gig for some larger shows. I googled a Top ISO Converter but have no idea, Can you give me some suggestions? ”

Many people love to save their favorite Blu-ray/DVD as ISO files for backup on computer. However, ISO is not supported by QNAP which is . amous for NAS server. The UPnP media server supports various formats like, .asf, .flv, .mp3, .mp4, .mpg, .wav. You can also use media player and play/stream the videos and audio from QNAP N ...
  Topic: Convert/Compress GoPro Hero 5 4K for smoothly playing on Mac

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PostForum:  ::    Posted: Tue Dec 04, 2018 11:15 am   Subject: Convert/Compress GoPro Hero 5 4K for smoothly playing on Mac
After teasing a new camera for months, GoPro finally has two new models: the $399and the $299 Hero5 Session. Maybe you have recorded some 4K videos by GoPro Hero 5. What I is the best way to play GoPro Hero5 4K footages on Mac? Read on to get the solution.

As we know, the majority of playback, editing work is still being finished in 1080p. In most cases, we still need to downscale most of the GoPro Hero 5 4K video files to 1080p. In fact, you may not see any real differences if you’re not doing much to the footage. One of the huge benefits to 4K, that you can do a lot to the image and retain detail for a beautiful 1080p finish. For those who wanna play and edit 4K GoPro Hero5 videos on old computer (playing a 4K video requires more computing power and it could be more time consuming), we suggest you to convert all GoPro Hero 4K videos to 1080p then play in 1080p and smart-render.
  Topic: Can't import AVI files into Premiere Pro?

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PostForum:  ::    Posted: Fri Nov 30, 2018 10:52 am   Subject: Can't import AVI files into Premiere Pro?
Question 1:"Just installed Premiere Pro CS6 (PC) on a new computer. I can see and play the AVI files in bridge but when I try to import it says there's a file issue and won't import. The file is coming up as H.264/MPEG-4 AVC. Are these files I need to convert to a different format or do I need to add a specific codec to the new machine. Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated."

Question 2:"Premiere Pro CS6 cannot play avi with MJPG codec I have installed Premiere Pro CS6 and wanted to import an avi file exported from 3Dmax 2009. The file IS imported, but it is black in the Monitor (Source Monitor, Program Monitor... everywhere). So I have checked the Media Info in VLC, and it showed that the codec of that file is MJPG (not MJPEG with an E, but MJPG.) Has someone had those problems?"

I have tried converting to another format (.mpg) byPavtube AVI to Premiere Pro CS6 Converter for Mac, and it worked fine on my Mac Lion. Here's what I do in detailed steps. ...
  Topic: How to Play MKV videos on LG TV without any problems?

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PostForum:  ::    Posted: Wed Nov 28, 2018 11:28 am   Subject: How to Play MKV videos on LG TV without any problems?
Cant play MKV video on LG TV? No worry, lets find one effective way to play MKV on LG TV in this article before being ridiculed by others.

An MKV is just a container format, holding video, audio, image or subtitle files in it. The video and audio files in different MKV files can be encoded with different codecs. For example, an MKV file with DTS audio cant be rendered on LG TV. Why? those MKV videos with encodings and resolution matching with the default encodings and resolution of LG TV can be played. If LG TV doesnt recognize the codec, youll fail to play MKV even though it is a supported format. For example, MKV files with DTS audio have bad compatibility with LG TV.

So how to solve cant play MKV on LG TV?

A professional MKV to LG TV converter lets you convert any MKV files to best fit the LG TV. Its the Pavtube Video ConverterLG 4K TVSony TVPhilips TVRead reviewPowerful Video Converter: Convert ...
  Topic: Best Way to Convert ISO to MOV

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PostForum:  ::    Posted: Mon Nov 26, 2018 11:18 am   Subject: Best Way to Convert ISO to MOV
You can get ISO from DVD and Blu-ray disc, considering DVD and Blu-ray disc, heavy DVD player, Blu-ray player, ISO is really a good choice, but when you play ISO image files, or want to edit the ISO image in some NLE software, like: iMovie, Final Cut Pro, etc. You will be in an emberassed condition: ISO cant be supported by most media players, portable devices or famous video editors.

You must have searched this trouble on Google or other places, you can get the best answer from most users: Convert ISO to MOV, MOV is a popular video fromat, wide used by most players, devices, NLE software, etc. How to realize this goal? Choosing a ISO to MOV converter is fatal which can help you to get MOV video from ISO without quality loss. Some video converter claim to create MOV from ISO, but most users are not satisfied with the output video quality, for safety reason, followimg will guide you to enjoy a happy ISO to MOV video conversion.How to Choose the Best ISO to MOV Converter

1| Softwa ...
  Topic: How to backup DVD movies and preserve chapter markers?

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PostForum:  ::    Posted: Wed Nov 21, 2018 11:31 am   Subject: How to backup DVD movies and preserve chapter markers?
I have a collection of family DVD movies, but some of them have scratched and unable to watch. Hence, I want to copy them to my computer hard disk so that I can keep the movies permanently and share them with my family and friends at any time. I have tried some software, everthing is so good, except there are no chapter markers.I’m confused, asIcannot skip when viewing my DVD movies without chapter markers.

With such a tough task, I had spent a lot of time searching online, tried several SWs some ok but always something that does not quite to do what I need.

At first, I find HandBrake which can include chapter markers when you use the MP4 or MKV file formats. To view the chapters inPavtube DVDAidTwo options to help you keep DVD chapter markers: Method 1: Full Disc Copy

1.Insert DVD disc to your DVD drive, and run the excellent DVD Copy software. Click the DV ...
  Topic: Play 3D Movies on Mac

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PostForum:  ::    Posted: Tue Nov 20, 2018 11:32 am   Subject: Play 3D Movies on Mac
For Mac users, apart from enjoying 3D movies at the cinema, you can also view 3D movies on your Mac computer without 3D screen. To do this, you need: 3D movie content resources, 3D glasses, 3D Player for Mac and sometimes a powerful and reliable 3D Movie Creator.
Where to find 3D movie content?

The best 3D movie source is obviously 3D Blu-ray disc, which will ensure you the best picture and sound quality. If you don’t own 3D Blu-ray discs, there are also many other ways to find 3D movie sources. Following are our recommended best 3D movie content provider including 3D movie content provider and best 3D movie download sites.

3D movie content provider: Netflix, MovieTube, Sony PlayStation Network, Amazon, Vudu,, Comcast Xfinity 3D, 3DGo. All these 3D movie streaming services allows you to online stream3D movies at a low cost.

Best 3D movie download sites: KickassTorrents,,, torrentz. You are a ...
  Topic: Convert Blu-ray to MP4/MKV to use in Xbox One

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PostForum:  ::    Posted: Fri Nov 16, 2018 11:16 am   Subject: Convert Blu-ray to MP4/MKV to use in Xbox One
Xbox One is the successor to Xbox 360 and quite a competitor of

Here we introduce how to rip Blu-ray to Sony Xbox One withPavtube BDMagic Learn

It is a commercial program, but you can free download the trial version first to test whether it is favored by you.

2. Select Xbox One compatible formats

Click on the drop down menu of the Format, select “H.264 HD Video(*.mp4)” or “MKV HD Video (*.mkv)” from “HD Video”. You can also choose “Zune/Xbox 360 Device > Xbox 360 Video(640*480)(*.wmv)” as the target format. It fits on Xbox One as well. ...
  Topic: Copy The Secret Life of Pets Blu-ray/DVD Discs

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PostForum:  ::    Posted: Tue Nov 13, 2018 11:12 am   Subject: Copy The Secret Life of Pets Blu-ray/DVD Discs
Outline: The page is aiming to tells readers how tobackup The Secret Life of PetsBlu-ray/DVD Discsto protect the expensive and fragile discs and playThe Secret Life of Petson portable device and HD TV without using the discs again.

The Secret Life of Petsis a 2016 American3Dcomputer-animatedadventurecomedy film. Now, it also released Blu-ray and DVD version. If your kids like this movie, you can collect The Secret Life of PetsBlu-ray/DVD Discs. To avoid the Blu-ray and DVD discs are getting scratched or damaged by your kids, you can copy The Secret Life of PetsBlu-ray/DVD discs to hard drive then your kids can enjoy the movie on PC.

The Secret Life of Pets Blu-ray/DVD Available Now ON:

Way to backup The Secret Life of Pets in Blu-ray/DVD

Things you needBlu-ray/DVD Ripper recommended to copy The Secret Life of Pets in Blu-ray/DVD

can remove AACS and CSS in Blu-ray/DVD disc and other si ...
  Topic: Import Samsung NX1 H.265 to Premiere Pro

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PostForum:  ::    Posted: Fri Nov 09, 2018 11:08 am   Subject: Import Samsung NX1 H.265 to Premiere Pro
The Samsung NX1 Camera features a 28.2MP BSI APS-C CMOS sensor that not only produces high-resolution images, but also 4K video at 24 fps, UHD at 30 fps, and full 1080p HD video at up to 60 fps. High Efficiency Video Coding (H.265) is applied so that even 4K and UHD video files remain easy to edit and share.For Premiere Pro users, when the shooting is completed, you may come the ideal to load the H.265 footage into Premiere Pro for some professional post production workflow. However, a lot of users complain Premiere Pro won’t import the H.265 video just as the conditions mentioned below:

“I know that Premiere is h.265 compatible, but apparently not with NX1 version. It won’t import. Any work arounds?”

“I decided to give a trial a shot of adobe premiere pro, I have never used it before (coming from sony vegas). But it won’t import any of my h265 files that were recorded from my NX1 footage (Samsung). These are the raw fi ...
  Topic: Edit MP4 with HitFilm Express

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PostForum:  ::    Posted: Wed Nov 07, 2018 11:08 am   Subject: Edit MP4 with HitFilm Express
HitFilm Express MP4 importing problems

As the truly remarkable free video editor that can deliver astonishing results in the right hands, HitFilm gives you all the power you need to make somthing cool. HitFilm claims support for a larghe number of file formats with more compatible formats than ever before. However, there are still some people complain that they have problems when importing the common MP4 files to HitFilm Express just as the conditions listed below:

“I need a program which lets me to convert my MP4 videos to something that HitFilm Express can work with. (When editing MP4 files it lags like hell). Thanks in advance.”

“When I import the .mp4 file to HitFilm Express, it’s only recognized as a audiofileAnyone know this issue? Other .mp4 files work, like the ones from the GoPro or the Ingame footage bevor the “mic-output seperation”Why HitFilm Express have problems when importing MP4 with problems?

From ...
  Topic: Edit MXF with LightWorks

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PostForum:  ::    Posted: Mon Nov 05, 2018 11:15 am   Subject: Edit MXF with LightWorks
Problems to import MXF to Ligthworks

“I’m trying to move a project from Avid to Ligthworks, I’m using lightworks12.6, & I’ve purchased the avid codec licence. The picture & sound were recorded separately & are synched into subclips in Avid. Picture is transcoded to dnxhd36.If I try to import a subclip with 3 mxf files (V & 2 audio) I get a black tile with the correct sound. If I import an aaf I get my edit, again with the clips showing black video, but I can hear the sound.I’m sure I’m doing something stupid!I hope someone has some thoughts, Thanks.”

“On Lightworks 11, I try to import MXF files built with opencd pack. While opening the import screen these files are present and logged as AS DCP files. When I run the viewer, the screen remains black !Do I need to upgrade to the Pro version to get the viewing options?”

Lightworks supported file types

As one of the best ...
  Topic: 3 Ways To Play AVI On Samsung TV

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PostForum:  ::    Posted: Tue Oct 30, 2018 11:22 am   Subject: 3 Ways To Play AVI On Samsung TV
Samsung TV is really a good assistant to play video, user can enjoy the high quality and wide screen. Have you suffered from the painful experience to play AVI on Samsung TV? Most users feedback that they can’t play AVI on Samsung TV, what’s happening? There are some reasons can cause this terrible condition, we have collected much data from online and do a arrangement, below will tell you the truth and introduce the best way to play AVI on Samsung TV.Who Knows The Reasons That Why Can’t Play AVI On Samsung TV

Reason 1.Some user like to play AVI on Samsung TV via USB, However, you need to know that USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 is different, 3.0 is faster than 2.0. If the USB does not support AVI high speed data transmission, the AVI video playback is not smooth on Samsung TV.

Reason 2. AVI video holds many different video parameters, one of them is AVI video bitrate or frame rate, which will affect the video playback, if AVI video bitrate or frame rate is hi ...
  Topic: Backup DVD to QNAP TBS-453A M.2 SSD-based NASbook

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PostForum:  ::    Posted: Thu Oct 25, 2018 11:33 am   Subject: Backup DVD to QNAP TBS-453A M.2 SSD-based NASbook
This article mainly shows you how to backup DVD to QNAP TBS-453A M.2 SSD-based NASbook. If you are DVD Collector and also have some DVD movies, and want to watching them at M.2 NAS. check the tutorial now.

If you some Blu-ray and DVD discs, you may find that copying the Blu-ray or DVD files to QNAP TBS-453A M.2 NAS directly is a pain to try, why not backup to put them into QNAP M.2 NAS for sharing on media streamers?

A huge collection of network attached storage QNAP NAS devices as you see. QNAP is a key player in the network-attached storage market. The major advantage of QNAP TBS-453A M.2 NAS products is their QTS operating system, which is based on Linux and offers an intuitive, yet powerful interface that allows even inexperienced users to fully exploit the capabilities of the server. In this case, even if the grandparent does’t use Media Pl ...
  Topic: Watching Sony Alpha 7S II XAVC S Video on LG TV

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PostForum:  ::    Posted: Tue Oct 23, 2018 11:01 am   Subject: Watching Sony Alpha 7S II XAVC S Video on LG TV
Summary: Does LG TV have the ability of playing the XAVC S video recorded by Sony Alpha 7S II? I wanna say that nothing is impossible! Just follow the article and you will get the satisfaction solution here.

As a first for the a7 series, the α7S II can record Full HD at 120fps at 100Mbps5 in full frame format, which can be immediately reviewed on the camera screen and eventually edited into appealing 4x/5x slow motion footage in Full HD (24p/30p) resolution.

Though 4K Ultra HD provides new standard of high definition, and undoubtedly be the future of TV resolution. XAVC S, as the newest codec has not been accepted by LG TVs. Due to the, the software is a video transcoding tool, equipped with a codec pack that contains various codecs, including both XAVC S and mp4. The software is able to convert XAVC S, XAVC L, MXF, AVCHD, H.265 HEVC,MKV, AVI, MTS, WMV, MOV, MPG any popular video files to a decent format you need. Plus, it offers kinds of preset profiles for media ...
  Topic: Convert Unsupported 3D Movies to HTC Vive

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What videos can be played on HTC Vive?

The Four Kinds of Videos You Can Watch on Your HTC Vive

There are four kinds of video you can watch in VR, each of which you can obtain from different sources:

Regular 2D video: These are the normal videos you find on YouTube, or rip from DVDs and Blu-ray discs.

3D video: Youve seen 3D movies at the theater, and you can buy those 3D movies on Blu-ray, too. To watch them in VR, you can rip that 3D Blu-ray to a side by side or over under format, which is playable on a VR headset in 3D. (Youll usually have the choice between Full SBS, which contains each eye in full resolution, or Half SBS, which contains each eye in subsampled half resolution. Full SBS videos are noticeably higher quality, but take up more hard drive space and more graphics power to play.)

180 or 360 degree video: These types of video are fairly new, but you can check out lots of them on YouTube or download them from other sources. On your 2D monitor, you c ...
  Topic: The Tivo Converter to LG Smart TV Via USB

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Summary: The following article will explain the reason as well as provide an easy solution to successfully play all kinds ofTivovideo formats on LGSmartTV.

Why LG TV Won't Play Video Files?

Though LGSmartTV announced to play MKV, MPEG-1, MPEG2, MPEG-4, DivX, Xvid video files via USB drive or network; sometimes we still encounter cannot play those kind of video files on LG OLED/4K/3D/LED/LCD TV. Let alone to play LGSmartTV unsupported video format like WMV, FLV, Tivo, VOB, MOV, ASF, WTV, MXF, MTS, AVCHD, RMVB, WebM, OGV and etc. That's because one video format are composed of diversified codecs, taking MP4 format as an example, MP4 format includes codecs like Divx, Xvid, H.264, H.265, MPEG4, VP6, etc, but only videos in MP4 format with H.264 are supported by most LG TV, so are AVCHD, MKV, AVI or WMV formats.

Cannot Play Video Files on LG TV Situations:

I am trying to play a WMV video on a LG TV using the Connect SDK 1.4.1. When trying ...
  Topic: Best 3D Blu-ray Converter

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For home theater enthusiasters, you can get an immersive 3D movie experience when you place your 3D Blu-ray disc on a standard 3D Blu-ray player which has been connnected to a 3D TV. Although 3D hardware does really offer a unique experience for movie watching, however, the cost of entry can be somewhat pricy. Are there any more economical way to enjoy 3D Blu-ray movies?

The answer is definitely yes. Thanks to the debut of VR Heasets, you can now easily watch 3D movies on various VR Headsets like HTC Vive, Samsung Gear, Oculus Rift, ANT VR, etc with the VR app installed on your iPhone or Android phone. However, as most VR Headsets only allows you to watch 3D movie in 3D SBS format, you will need a 3D Blu-ray converter to rip 3D Blu-ray into that compatible 3D movie format. There are many Blu-ray Ripper program on the market, however, few of them has the ability to handle 3D Blu-ray disc, ...
  Topic: Watch DVD on Flatscreen TV

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Most new televisions are flat-panel models, which uses one of several different technologies for displaying in a flat, thin format. Though most movie fans now choose to enjoy movies on TV with media streaming apps, however, for those people who still own large collection of physical media such as DVD disc, you may wonder how to enjoy DVD movies on Flatscreen TV. The answer is that you can directly use Flatscreen TV to play DVD if your TV owns built-in DVD player, if not, you can enjoy ripped DVD movies on Flatscreen TV via USB port. Play DVD on Flatscreen TV with built-in DVD Player Here are some Flatscreen TV with built-in DVD player

Pyle PTVDLED22 21.5″LED TV

Full HD 1080p TV Widescreen Hi-Res Display Built-in Side-Loading CD/DVD Player Selectable Multi-Viewing Display Modes.

Sceptre 24″ 1080p 60Hz Class LED HDTV

Sceptre E246BD-F 24″ 1080p 60Hz Class LED HDTV with DVD Player With HDMI, reduce your cable clutter by connecting one fl ...
  Topic: Best Typhoon-H HD/4K to Davinci Resolve workflow

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Using Typhoon-H to Capture the 4K/HD:

Personal Ground Station with built-in touchscreen

Integrated 3-axis precision gimbal camera

4K/30fps ultra high definition video

1080p/120fps slow motion video

User controlled video resolution, white balance and light exposure

12 megapixel photos with No-Distortion Lens

Handheld SteadyGrip for capturing video footage

Well, according to our multiple testing, we found one main basic reasons behind there. Davinci Resolve 12, 11 can handle (usually) 4K files without much problem, but it is extremely hardware intensive. The easy workaround to edit Typhoon-H 4K videos in Davinci Resolve is to convert the Typhoon-H 4K to a more editing-friendly format for Davinci Resolve. If you're a professional users, you must know that the most suitable format is MOV which is encoded by DNxHD codec. Therefore, aMac 4K to DNxHD ConverterHot conversion:

Overall, the program is best Video Converter for Typhoon-H. W ...
  Topic: How to play 4K movies on UHD TV?

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4K refers to a display device or content having horizontal resolution with 4,000 pixels. With this super high resolution, 4K movie is loved by cinephile rapidly. For meeting the desire of customers, many TV manufactures produce 4K UHD TV to play these 4K movies, like Sony, Samsung etc. But not all 4K movies are supported by these UHD TVs for the format incompatibility issue. If you have a UHD TV and some 4K movies, but you can’t play these 4K movies on your 4K UHD TV, what will you do?

To solve the format incompatibility issue, you maybe need ais a nice 4K video Converter. It can turn any video in 4K to 4K MKV/AVI/MP4, etc. It even could rip the newest andYou can free download and install 4K Video Converter Ultimate on Windows computer: D ...
  Topic: VLC player hang while playing 1080p videos

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"Hi I system restored my computer, and now when I open gopro (1080p) videos in vlc it starts to stutter and lag after around 15 seconds. It never use to lag before I system restored. It isnt my hardware limiting it as it is all new. I believe it couldby drivers maybe? my gpu drivers etc are up to date however so I am unsure and asking here. THanks”

“Why is VLC media player not playing 720p or 1080p video on my laptop HPr014tx?”

According to some forums, we found many users have problems playing HD 1080p videos on VLC player. Let’s find out the reasons and solution.

Why sometimes we can't play 1080p video on VLC?

Main Reason:

VLC does play a lot of 1080p video files, but it has strict limitations: VLC Media Player is only compatible with few formats and codecs However, like MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV etc is a multimedia container format with many kinds of video and audio codecs. When a 1080p video file contains a VLC un ...
  Topic: How To Play Blu-ray on LG Smart 4K TV?

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Summary: If you are aspired to play Blu-ray on LG 65UF770V 65 Inch Smart 4K TV, stay on the page. Download the Blu-ray Ripper to convert 2D/3D/4K Blu-ray for LG 65UF770V playback limitless.

There's a growing number ofPavtube BDMagic Download:

- Pavtube old official address:Convert Blu-ray for LG 65UF770V Smart 4K TV watching with No Restriction

1. Insert Blu-ray disc into your BD drive (Ensure that you have sufficient space on hard drive to store the Blu-ray). Launch the best Blu-ray to LG 65UF770V ripper to load your Blu-ray files.

Step 2: Select on "HD Video" the drop-down menu and choose "MKV HD Video(*.mkv)" as output format. ...
  Topic: Transfer and Play DVD Movies on Huawei Phone

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Huawei, the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer in the world, currently has a smartphone line up with models that include novelty features such as curved glass, two-day battery life, Gorilla Glass displays that prevent scratches and more. The amazing screen, long battery life and also portable design makes it really great for watching movies on the move. Apart from viewing movies streamed or downloaded from the Internet, a lot of people may have a lot of movies on your DVD disc. The following article will show you how to transfer and play DVD movies on Huawei Phones.How to watch DVD movies on Huawei Phones?

Like other Android smartphones on the market, the Huawei Phones have no DVD drive for directly viewing DVD movies. Therefore, to play DVD movies on Huawei Phones, you will need to perform a DVD to digital format conversion process.Rip DVD to Huawei Phones with Handbrake

If the DVD movies are home made without any copy protection, then the best solution is Handbra ...
  Topic: EncodeBluray to H.265withNVIDIA GPU Acceleration

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H.265, also known as High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), is the successor to H.264 or MPEG-4 AVC (Advanced Video Coding), one of the compression schemes used by Blu-ray. As a new codec technology and new video compression standard, H.265/HEVC can compress video files to the half size with the same video quality as the original. It can also improve the video quality at the same bit rate.So many people like to encode H.265 even from Blu-ray. Maybe you use a free software like Handbrake. But we found encoding Blu-ray to H.265 by Handbrake will spend a long time even up to 25 hours. Any altertive to handbrake to convert Blu-ray to H.265 with fast speed?

Yes. In this guide you will learn how to encode Blu-ray to HEVC/H265with a better software which can encodeBD to H.265withNVIDIA GPU Acceleration.Decode Blu-ray toHEVC/H.265with Professional Pavtube BDMagic

To help users to encode Blu-ray movie to H.265 with fast speed,Pavtube BDMagicBlu-ray to H.265 converterDVD to H.265wit ...
  Topic: Watch 4K videos on Samsung UHD 4K TV KU7500 Series 7

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Are you ready to discover deeper image detail? Samsung UHD4KTVKU7500Series7 with its Active Crystal color and HDR abilities is image optimized for your high resolution viewing pleasure. With a broader color gamut, on-screen images come alive. Visually spectacular light and dark contrast brings out the details you've been missing out on up until now.

Besides, Samsung UHD4KTVKU7500Series7 allows you browse and share files from your external storage devices on the 4K Ultra HD TV via HD cable or Wi-Fi connection. However, it is very likely to encounter video format/codec incompatibility problem. In that case, a third-party 4K TV Converter is needed.
Pavtube Video Converter UltimateWhat Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate can do for you?

- Convert any video format to MP4 for Samsung LED TV, Samsung Smart TV, Samsung 3D TV and Samsung 4K series TV, MKV/AVI/WMV/MOV are included.
- Conve ...
  Topic: Rip/Convert Blu-ray to MP4 Easily and Quickly

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Shelves chock full of movies now seem overly cumbersome, but they’re also an unnecessary waste of space that can be better used for something else. On top of that, we all know how boring a flight or train ride can be without access to a robust library of entertainment. If you want to convert Blu-ray to MP4 so as to play, edit or share your Blu-ray Movies more conveniently, now just follow this article to finish the conversion while reserving the original video quality.

Our target:

* Remove content protection AACS and BD+ legally.
* Convert Blu-ray to MP4 for Windows and Mac computer.
* Put Blu-ray on iPod Touch 6, convert Blu-ray to iPhone 6S/6S Plus, copy Blu-Ray to Apple TV 4, transfer Blu-ray to MP4 player, etc.

Can not meet your needs? Just check more detailed tutorials from the left "guides list".

Why Convert and Rip Blu-ray to MP4?

Remove your Blu-ray encryptions and Play it wherever you please- th ...
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