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Paver routine maintenance procedures (zongyi)
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 18, 2016 3:49 am (написано за 4 секунды)
   Post subject: Paver routine maintenance procedures
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Paver road maintenance is an indispensable part of the device in for routine maintenance and maintenance paver is likely that most people are not very familiar with, relatively speaking excavators, pavers are relatively small minority of product,Road Cutting Machine (roadcuttingmachine.com/)
 not too many people care to discuss it, for routine maintenance paver is an important condition for improving the use of its service life and efficiency. Routine maintenance with reference to the requirements specified in the instructions for those with special needs should be carried out maintenance and replacement.

 There are the following points.
 First, check the oil and lubrication systems, see the oil, fuel, coolant and hydraulic oil is sufficient, the quality meets the requirements, the parts for leaks, if necessary, should be added or replaced. Check whether the central grease pump, grease as well as the adequacy of its pipeline is smooth. (No central grease pump models must give every weekday machine grease lubrication points three times within 10 hours,Low Cost Repair Tools Pock (roadcuttingmachine.com/blog/3764.html)
 and minutes before the job, and later raised; such as working longer than 10 hours to 4 to 5 times in the job Cadogan 1 to 2 times.)
 Second, regular cleaning pavers, checking electricity, gas and heating systems. Must be promptly removed asphalt paver surface, sticky sand, clear engine, used oil on the surface of hydraulic components and other parts, dust debris, dirt and other; check and clean the air filter; examine the various parts and consumables easy to aging members, timely adjust or replace if necessary; each electrical system, Asphalt Road Treatment Materials Factory Direct Super Table (roadcuttingmachine.com/blog/2135.html)
fuses, electrical line and each joint is intact, is loose; let each working device idling operation before the operation, check whether the normal operation of the working device ; at the same time check the nozzle heating system, connecting pipe, tank, and each switch is normal.

 Third, check paver connection fastening. Including the connections are secure, intact, in particular to ensure that the left and right track beams, screed, dosing device, and scraper conveyor means fastening. Check drive belt and tension of the chain as well as its wear.
Once users have come across such a situation: once in the job process,Pavement Blower Operation Skills (roadcuttingmachine.com/blog/4226.html)
 because there is no time to add diesel machine hand, a diesel engine because they can not automatically turn off. When refilling the diesel engine still does not start, checked that the high pressure fuel pump diesel engine due to lack of oil tank bottoms and dirty caused by burn card, the high pressure pump does not work,the high cost of bitumen pressure distributor (roadcuttingmachine.com/blog/813.html)
 causing the engine can not be started. Later this situation for the stringent requirements of the machine in hand to immediately add oil, shortening cycle engine protection, and to install a diesel filter.

 If the paver routine maintenance will not pay attention to a very serious problem, resulting in unpredictable losses,What Is The Purpose Of The Road Cutting Machine (roadcuttingmachine.com/blog/3912.html)
 so it is the owner or machine hand should pay attention to routine maintenance and repair.
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