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Rip DVD to 3GP with Fastest Speed on Windows/Mac (DJEmily)
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 30, 2016 11:49 am (написано за 27 секунд)
   Post subject: Rip DVD to 3GP with Fastest Speed on Windows/Mac
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Sometimes you may want to convert DVD to 3GP (hivimoore.over-blog.com/rip-dvd-to-3gp.html) so that you can play the DVD movies on mobile devices like HTC, Samsung, Sony, Motorola, BlackBerry, etc. Actually, it's quite easy to achieve your goal with a right DVD Ripper program (www.hivimoore.com/2015/03/best-dvd-ripper-copier-review/). Here I will teach you how to rip DVD to 3GP/3GPP with fast speed and high quality.
The recommended tool is Aimersoft DVD Ripper (www.hivimoore.com/product/dvd-ripper/), an ideal DVD to 3GP ripper that allows you to convert DVD movies to 3GP with ease. Moreover, it can rip audio files from DVD and save them as MP3 for any MP3 players. If you're using a Mac, just get the equivalent Mac version (shopper.mycommerce.com/checkout/cart/add/15969-49?affiliate_id=471080). Now download the right version and follow the guide below:
Download Windows (www.hivimoore.com/ws/aimer-dvd-ripper_full.exe) | Buy Windows (shopper.mycommerce.com/checkout/cart/add/15969-49?affiliate_id=471080)
Step 1. Launch DVD Ripper and click "Load DVD" to browse and import the DVD movies you'd like to rip. (If your DVD movies are on the disc, please first insert the DVD disc into your computer's DVD-ROM.)

Step 2. Click Profile and choose 3GP from Common Video as the export format. And you are also allowed to choose other formats if you have a need, such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, Blackberry, etc.

Step 3. At last, click the big Start button to start converting the added DVD to 3GP. After the conversion process, click Find Target to get your 3GP videos and enjoy them on your mobile phones as you like.
Why Choose Aimersoft DVD Ripper as the best DVD Ripper Software?
1. Superior support any kinds of DVD
This fabulous DVD converter lets you convert any kinds of DVD without any barriers. It will helps you to remove all the restrictions of DVD, like CSS, Region, RCE, Sony ARccOS and PuppetLock. The supported DVD types include but are not limited to:
- Homemade DVD that contains your wonderful memories;
- Encrypted DVD that protected by CSS, Region or some other DVD protection.
You can rip all these DVD movies only with a few simple clicks. Apart from that, this DVD converting tool is regularly upgraded to support most of the new DVD discs and movies.
2. Convert 6X faster and keep excellent video quality
With the NVIDIA CUDATM technology, the conversion is processed on NVIDIA's GPU instead of your computer's CPU, leaving more of your CPU available to handle other applications. That means Aimersoft DVD Ripper has six-time-faster standard and high-definition video conversion, higher quality, and smoother playback for all video. Now it's no trouble at all to convert DVD movies.
3. Conversion Choices
"The whole point of ripping a DVD is to watch it on a device that isn't connected to a DVD player. Smartphones, tablets and even some gaming systems are not compatible with this aging technology. Aimersoft DVD Ripper (www.hivimoore.com/product/dvd-ripper/) solves this problem by providing 175 preprogrammed output profiles that are specifically designed to optimize your rip for the device you own.
For example, say you have an iPad and you want to watch a physical DVD you bought in 2009 on it. There are no apps that will connect with a DVD player and stream it to your device over a Wi-Fi network, let alone one that syncs a DVD movie to your iPad (www.hivimoore.com/2015/03/download-dvd-to-ipad-air-2/) and allows you to carry it around in your pocket. With Aimersoft DVD Ripper, all you need to do is select the iPad option from the library of output profiles and click Start. Then the application rips the movie and converts it to the exact specifications of the iPad. When it's done, you have a file that is perfectly tailored for your device. The same is true if you have a different kind of iPhone 6 (www.hivimoore.com/2015/03/copy-dvd-to-iphone-6-plus/), iPad Mini 3 or any other iOS device.

This application also has output profiles that optimize rips for Android (www.hivimoore.com/2015/04/copy-furious-7-dvd-to-android/), Windows and BlackBerry devices as well as other mobile devices. The list of profiles is long when it comes to specific makes and models of devices, whether it be a Samsung, Nokia, Sony, Surface Hub (www.hivimoore.com/2015/04/rip-dvd-to-surface-hub-windows-10-tablet/), HTC, Amazon (www.hivimoore.com/2015/06/put-dvd-to-amazon-kindle-fire/), Google, Asus, Acer, LG, Hudl 2 (www.hivimoore.com/2014/12/put-dvd-movies-to-hudl-2-tablet/), Nvidia Shield (www.hivimoore.com/2015/03/watch-dvd-on-nvidia-shield-tablet/) - the list goes on and on. The bottom line is that if you have a mainstream mobile device, there is a high likelihood that this application can rip a DVD into a format that is suited for your needs.
There are many other compatible devices, too. Most console gaming systems have large hard drives that are designed to hold large qualities of movies that can be played on demand without a physical disc. Aimersoft DVD Ripper can convert your DVDs for these systems; Nintendo, Xbox and PlayStation all have profiles. Their mobile counterparts such as the PSP and Nintendo DS also have the ability to play movies and have profiles for DVD conversion.

With the powerful DVD Ripper tool, you can also rip DVD to 3D videos and common/HD MP4, AVI (www.hivimoore.com/2015/07/rip-dvd-to-avi/), MKV, FLV, 3GP, MOV, VOB, MPEG, WMV, MP3, AC3, M4A, WMA, etc. for portable player, projectors, 3D devices, HD TV, Plex (www.hivimoore.com/2015/02/rip-dvd-to-plex-media-server-for-streaming/), etc. The software allows you to manipulate technical aspects of the video such as frame rate, resolution and bitrate.
4. Ripping Attributes
The first feature we look for in any DVD ripper application is the ability to decrypt the copy protections found on commercial discs. Aimersoft has a built-in decrypter that can bypass encryptions such as CSS and region coding. Without this tool, nearly all the movies in your DVD library would be unrippable. The best aspect about Aimersoft's decrypter is the fact that it's integrated, automatic and invisible.

The process of ripping and converting files off your DVDs is quite simple. All you need to do is load the DVD, select the files you want, pick a preprogrammed output profile and click Start. Within a few minutes, you have an optimized file tailored for whatever device you want.

Another reason you might want to rip a DVD is to extract the audio. Aimersoft DVD Ripper has the ability to act as a DVD to MP3 converter. It also can convert the audio found on your disc to a number of other formats, including M4A, WMA, WAV, AC3, OGG and more. The quality of the converted sound is identical to the sound on the disc.

One of the things that this application cannot do is perform a straight rip of the DVD's files and folders to your hard drive. In order to rip a video off a DVD, you must perform a conversion. You can perform what Aimersoft calls a “lossless DVD copy,” which extracts the VOB file but not the file structure of the disc. This is an odd omission, but it's not uncommon for software in this category.

This DVD ripper also allows you to perform basic edits on videos before you rip them. If you have a movie that you just want a certain scene from, you can use the trim feature to remove the rest of the movie. When you click Start, you'll only rip the scene you want. You can also crop the video and add watermarks, basic effects and subtitles.
The another nice thing about this app is that it allows you to perform a certain amount of editing before the DVD is ripped. You can select the chapters, subtitles, extras and audio track you want to include and even trim the border around a movie. This enables you to make the file much smaller so that it fits onto a device.

5. Search and embed DVD movie information
This DVD ripping software offers a quick access to search for the metadata of the loaded DVD movies, which includes the movie director, actors, descriptions, release date, genre and more. All these information is changeable and courtesy of TMDb (www.themoviedb.org) After you get the movie information, you can embed these metadata to DVD movies with a simple click. The movies will automatically sync to iTunes after conversion. Hence, you can manage your DVD movies with iTunes (www.hivimoore.com/2014/12/copy-dvd-to-itunes-library/) in an easier way.
6. Customization Tools
In addition to enabling you to adjust technical aspects of your video such as resolution, aspect ratio, frame rate and more, this software comes with a video-editing module that allows you to alter the video before you rip it onto your hard drive. You have the ability to trim unwanted footage, crop the video and adjust picture values such as brightness, contrast and saturation. You can also add basic effect filters and deinterlace video footage. Granted, you can't do any major surgery to videos, these basic tools provide a nice tool box so you can get what you want and make minor alterations.

7. Help & Support
Aimersoft offers some of the most comprehensive customer and technical support in this category. If you need assistance, the first thing you should do is consult the company website. You can find an extensive FAQs section for all Aimersoft products as well as a how-to section that can walk you through everything you need to know about each product. If you need to talk to an actual person, the company offers 24/7 live chat support, so you can chat online with support personnel.

Aimersoft DVD Ripper came out on top of our review of the best DVD rippers (www.hivimoore.com/2015/03/best-dvd-ripper-copier-review/) because it's a powerful, safe, cheap and easy-to-use program that enables you to rip your DVD films and customize them for playback on any device you own. It is a great choice for DVD ripping and copying software.
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Source: hivimoore.over-blog.com/rip-dvd-to-3gp.html
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First you have to rip the DVD using ripping software. Video Converter Ultimate (www.videos-converter.net/video-converter-ultimate/) is a great choice to do that, it can help you rip DVD to all kinds of formats including audio and video. It supports various video and audio conversion, including 4K, 3D, H.265, MP4, AVI, FLV, MOV, MP3, AAC, DVD disc, ISO files and more.
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I also own many DVD files and usually I will convert them in batch with ease. For me, the tool, Joyoshare Video Converter (www.joyoshare.com/video-converter/), can rip all kinds of DVDs to any format I want, such as 3GP, MP4, AVI, MOV, MOV, MKV, M4V, VOB, etc. I can also extract audio only from the DVD files. Anyway, it helps me convert with lossless quality at 60X high speed. You can choose no matter Windows or Mac to rip, covert and remove protections from DVDs.
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TunesKit Video Converter for Windows/Mac (www.tuneskit.com/video-converter/) is another powerful DVD ripper as well. You can use it to convert both commercial and common DVD movies to various formats such as 3GP, MP4, M4V, VOB, AVI, MP3, FLAC, AAC, etc. After that, you can export and watch your new movies and videos on any portable devices like Apple iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Smart TV, etc. The software is easy to use with a friendly interface, and anyone can easiy handle it without trouble.

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