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www.nogossipzone.com more rational (jacketsy)
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 19, 2016 5:23 am (написано за 6 секунд)
   Post subject: www.nogossipzone.com more rational
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Days Youchuan people! Du Daozheng: The replica ferragamo belt nation is the world's most able to withstand the hardships of outstanding national, Sichuan earthquake disaster, we will be able to completely win the battle. Shangquan: with love to the full support of people in disaster areas. Gao: 12 pm, I felt a strong tremor was felt in Zhengzhou, the beginning I thought it was upstairs renovation. Then I saw reports on television Wenchuan disaster, it is feeling sad. The Ministry of Health called on duty around the donation to support the disaster area, I would like to emphasize, the more critical the situation, the more we must ensure the safety of plasma, blood must not lead to disaster. In addition, replica designer belts (www.nogossipzone.com/) the earthquake-stricken country to accept a large number of contributions, but also must strengthen the management, must ensure that victims who used donations.
 Ge Jianxiong: I still believe Zi's words: day trip there often do not exist for the Yao Jie is not dead. The earthquake was not the worst in replica gucci belts history, the future is not necessarily more serious www.nogossipzone.com/ . Under conditions of human can not accurately predict earthquakes, make the greatest efforts to disaster prevention and relief, reduce disaster losses, www.enbrandbelts.com (www.enbrandbelts.com/) it is the only effective means. Stop the Olympic torch relay and all the festive activities can be suspended, the national popular mobilization, to the relief! United, prosperous and more difficult!
 Gu Zexu: the face of disaster, nothing is more important than a human life. Love, love the replica ferragamo belt people, it is the best of patriotism, love of nation. In front of the person's life, the heart of the replica ferragamo belt people in the face of disaster sadly gathered together. Sadness makes us more determined, more courageous, www.nogossipzone.com (www.nogossipzone.com/) more rational and more humane! Guo Daohui: day becomes less fear, disaster-ridden replica ferragamo belt people have their bravery and tenacity of endurance to overcome various difficulties and obstacles had always been, but also must be able to overcome this disaster. The earthquake with the Tangshan earthquake 32 years ago a similar magnitude, but today we live in a political and social environment and the strength of the past different. I believe we can successfully overcome various difficulties and reduce the sacrifice and loss.
 In today's era of globalization, disaster relief is the common will and responsibility of people around the globe. A difficult one, P Plus support. A state-owned difficult global relief. It occurred in the south end of 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami, triggered a global rescue the world's governments and NGO unprecedented scale, global people share interests, but also sharing the pain. Of course, we should mainly rely on its own strength, but also should be actively welcome foreign aid. I hope not to repeat the past Tangshan earthquake reject foreign aid folly. People-oriented, people's lives above all else! Wei Guo Qing: the Sichuan earthquake, countless families suffer sudden mass annihilation. Casualties just like an arrow, deeply hurt the replica ferragamo belt people's heart.
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