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WPC: standard in order to better develop (qweasd)
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 01, 2016 6:57 am (написано за 1 секунду)
   Post subject: WPC: standard in order to better develop
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Since this summer, more and more tourists flock to Beijing Olympic Forest Park, the park ramps and platforms both a hydrophilic like wood and plastic-like material caused a lot of people's curiosity. This is the WPC.
WPC products, while ensuring healthy green formaldehyde-free basis, but also possesses the dual advantages of plastic and natural fibers: both have natural wood texture, but also to overcome the natural wood in use, deformation, Alice crack, mildew, pests infringement by fatal flaws, does not require complex post-maintenance, long service life. "LI Shao Long Huaxin Co., Ltd., general manager of wood Luyuan Environmental Protection Industry Development Division, said.
WPC material has thermoplastic molding products easy processing characteristics, but also greatly improved the plastic creep serious flaws, mechanical properties has been significantly improved; you can either use an ordinary plastic processing equipment for different cross sections of molding products, but also as the use of wood as an ordinary woodworking machinery carried length sawing, sanding and other surface shaped product post-processing; either through the use of recycled plastics and natural fibers to achieve waste recycling, but also through product recycling process to avoid an adverse impact on the environment influence, is a new green building materials products truly meet the national environmental policy.
Scope WPC almost covered wood, plastics, ceramics, steel, aluminum and other similar composite materials of the original field of use, and has begun to penetrate into the building, home improvement, furniture, automotive, transportation, logistics, packaging, gardens, municipal, environmental protection, sports, and even the military field, and radiating influence is gradually expanding, very broad application prospects.
WPC major customers in North America and Europe is the average consumer, the main products are WPC decking, railings and fences. Due to the development of a relatively long time technology, installation technology and related ancillary product range, market acceptance for wood products is high. With the rapid development and gradual improvement of living standards of urban construction, all over the country started large-scale reconstruction of the municipal building and parks, WPC also because of its excellent characteristics obtained rapid development. Beijing Olympic venues around the building and the Shanghai World Expo China Pavilion through the use of wood-plastic materials, to promote environmental awareness, green policy orientation. WPC is also currently used in residential landscape construction began, the structure of the building. Because of its low density, fire resistant, beautiful appearance is also a large-scale indoor use, the main products are doors, windows, door pockets, moldings, Great Wall panels, ceiling and so on. Because WPC moisture, mold, long life, high strength, for fumigation characteristics, has also been used in logistics with tray products.Wpc Composite Decking (wpcdeckmaterials.com/blog/4.html)

However, unlike other emerging industries, the biggest problem encountered in the development of the wood industry is unclear standards, product quality varies greatly, greatly affected the confidence of consumers using such products.Natural Color Wood Plastic Decking (wpcdeckmaterials.com/blog/1.html)

Materials Chinese Society for Sustainable Development and the Professional Committee of WPC show that since 1998, the WPC began to enter the Chinese industries, the standard question has always plagued this emerging industry, some people have done a lot of effort. As early as 2001, China National Packaging Corporation had developed under the auspices "WPC tray" industry standard, but not adopted; the State Forestry Administration in 2004 enacted forestry industry standard "wood-plastic composite extrusion sheet." China WPC hotbeds of Guangdong Province has promulgated the "WPC technology" and "WPC inspection and test method" and other local standards. After the Chinese Research Society of Professional Committee of WPC composites Sustainable Development in 2006 was elected Olympics WPC applications overall coordination units, have been invited to draw up "Beijing Olympic projects WPC sheet / profiles Quality Inspection Technical Guide" and so on. The past 10 years, work has been WPC standards Ruoyouruowu promote this solitude phenomenon after 2008 had changed. March 2009 and June, there have been two national standards related to wood material "wood decorative plate" and "wood floor" issued in February 2010 and began in April, respectively. It is reported that there are at least six or more criteria in the drafting of wood or pending approval of the relevant state ministries and commissions.Waterproof Wpc Decking (wpcdeckmaterials.com/blog/6.html)

  In the Chinese Society for Sustainable Development and the Secretary-General of Wood Plastic Composites Committee Liu Jia professional opinion, in practice, the product standards is not possible, the development of standards must be starting from the actual needs of the industry, the key is to look for industry's development and upgrade whether to play a real role in promoting.
State Department Counselor Liu Yanhua think, wood industry to understand the government's support policies, to grasp the information. How to solve the low-end product homogenization competition, one must use new technologies, introduction of new products; the second is to increase the added value in improving product quality premise, can be considered to enter the high-end, conversion to high-end consumer; Third, accelerate technical quality standards and integration of technical means "the expulsion of bad money." Liu Yanhua hope WPC industry in strict accordance with the modern enterprise mode of operation, the vision to do business planning, rational division of labor, sufficiently reasonable authorization, improve the incentive mechanism, so that enterprises bigger and stronger, to the sound development of the industryBackyard Composite Wood Fence (wpcdeckmaterials.com/blog/45.html)
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