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In 2012 Women's Trae Waynes Jersey (www.vikingsfootballpro.com/Vikings-Trae-Waynes-Jersey/) , more oil was pumped from the ground than ever, with world production of an average 88.8 million barrels per day during the first three quarters of 2012. Almost half of the increase in drilling in 2012 took place in the United States. Yet, world demand for oil has continued to outpace production, and drill pipe manufacturers must meet the needs of increased drilling. About one-quarter of the increase in supply of petroleum products over the past couple of years has been from natural gas liquids (NGLs), which are gas at ambient pressure and temperature Women's Laquon Treadwell Jersey (www.vikingsfootballpro.com/Vikings-Laquon-Treadwell-Jersey/) , but can be converted to liquid with less pressure than is normally required.

NGLs and the Petrochemical Industry

Drill pipe suppliers serve the natural gas drilling industry, which produces NGLs by separating them from the overall gas stream at processing plants. NGLs include ethane, propane, butane, and iso-butane. Once these are separated out Women's Ben Gedeon Jersey (www.vikingsfootballpro.com/Vikings-Ben-Gedeon-Jersey/) , the leftover "dry gas" is piped to consumers. NGL production has given the US petroleum industry access to less expensive chemicals that are used to make compounds that can be turned into plastics and other products, and this has improved US competitive advantages over European and Asian producers. In fact, NGL production has been so strong that prices are even lower than necessary for US petroleum producers to maintain that competitive advantage.

Boom in NGL Production Has Caused Prices to Fall

Because NGL production in recent years has been so strong, prices are falling. NGL prices are to the point that many drillers are diverting their rigs from natural gas drilling to crude oil drilling, which is more profitable under the circumstances. NGL drilling is likely to be more influenced by oil production in the future than it has been the past couple of years. Drill pipe suppliers that had been supplying natural gas drilling may find that they are increasingly supplying crude oil drilling as attention shifts away from NGLs. Crude oil drilling is taking place at increasingly remote and offshore sites Women's Jaleel Johnson Jersey (www.vikingsfootballpro.com/Vikings-Jaleel-Johnson-Jersey/) , like new exploratory wells in the Chukchi Sea 70 miles off the northwestern Alaska coast.

NGL Delivery Infrastructure Still Struggling to Meet Demand

Though NGL drilling may back off, NGL infrastructure midstream and downstream still struggles to keep up with increased supplies, so steel pipe suppliers should see increased demand downstream at the same time as NGL drilling slacks off. Investment bank Pickering Holt projects that by 2018, NGL pipeline capacity will be nearly double that of 2012. For steel pipe and tubing manufacturers, need for drill pipe for crude oil exploration is expected to increase Women's Pat Elflein Jersey (www.vikingsfootballpro.com/Vikings-Pat-Elflein-Jersey/) , as is need for transport pipeline for downstream NGL operations.

Procuring Drill Pipe and Transport Pipe

In the oil and gas industry, changes are occurring in every sector. Your drilling and transport needs may change, and you need transport and drill pipe manufacturers to be responsive so that you can remain agile and respond to market demands. This means choosing suppliers that have the experience to supply projects whether they need sizeable inventory at one time, or just-in-time delivery of goods according to project schedules.
Chinese Internet giant Tencent Holdings on Monday officially launched "Mini Apps" within its instant messaging app WeChat to create a lightweight way for businesses to reach consumers.

The Mini Apps do not require installation. Users can open them simply by scanning QR codes or searching from their WeChat accounts. Each Mini App is less than 1MB in size.

The 768 million active WeChat users -- more than double the entire population of the United States -- made over 100 million voice and video calls each day via the app in 2016, according to Tencent.

After the Mini Apps went online Women's Everson Griffen Jersey (www.vikingsfootballpro.com/Vikings-Everson-Griffen-Jersey/) , some netizens said that many of the apps on their cell phones could be uninstalled to save storage space, a point especially meaningful for users of 16GB phones.

But opening too many Mini Apps still consumes a lot of storage space, so the new apps help clear the cache on a regular basis. Those kept in the cache will no longer require loading of code resources when reopened.

Mini Apps that are less used will be placed lower on the list, and the latest one used will come up first. Only one app can be selected to always stay on top.

Will Mini Apps replace apps?

The launch of Mini Apps does not answer previous questions about whether they will completely replace conventional apps.

To mark the release, Allen Zhang Kai Forbath Jersey (www.vikingsfootballpro.com/Vikings-Kai-Forbath-Jersey/) , the founder of WeChat, posted several photos of Steve Jobs launching the first iPhone on January 9, 2007. Some interpret this as an homage to Jobs, while others say that it shows the challenges Tencent faces. Whatever the case, the lightweight program marks a milestone for WeChat's growth in capturing the mobile Internet market.

According to a report by Business Insider Nick Easton Jersey (www.vikingsfootballpro.com/Vikings-Nick-Easton-Jersey/) , the new service could further consolidate the dominance of WeChat's parent company Tencent in China's app market, helping it bypass restrictions in Apple's closed ecosystem to reach iOS consumers from within WeChat.

Some netizens say Mini Apps do not support the convenience of "long-press recognition" of QR codes but requires a scan, so they need two phones in order to use the service, which is inconvenient.

"Judging from their design, the apps are designed 'not to disturb users' Ryan Quigley Jersey (www.vikingsfootballpro.com/Vikings-Ryan-Quigley-Jersey/) , but disabling long-press recognition of QR codes is a bit too much," said Liu Xingliang, head of the DCCI Internet Research Institute.

Mini Apps also do not support fuzzy searches -- inaccurate input of the name of a mini app will return no results.

A source from WeChat said: "We hope users will discover and use more of the Mini Apps they need, solve problems in their lives and get connected with more offline scenarios."

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