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Who's coaching this team? Redskins Defensive Backs Coach (liny195)
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   Post subject: Who's coaching this team? Redskins Defensive Backs Coach
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Torrian Gray Name: Torrian GrayTitle: Defensive Backs CoachExperience: 7 yearsBio: This is Grays second season with the Washington Redskins.The seven years of NFL experience includes his time as a player Authentic Montae Nicholson Jersey ( , plus two years as an assistant defensive backs coach with the Bears over a decade ago.From 2006 through 2015, Gray was a member of the coaching staff of Virginia Tech, his alma mater (where he was a three-time All-Big-East safety).During his decade on staff in Blacksburg, the Hokies were statistically the second-best defensive unit against the pass in the entire nation, both in terms of yards per game and opponent passer rating.After leaving Tech, Gray spent one season as the defensive backs coach for the University of Florida before returning to the NFL to join the Redskins.Fun Fact: Gray played 25 games in his NFL career, starting four.He recorded one interception and one fumble recovery during that time. The Vikings made the playoffs both of Grays seasons as a player. The 5 oclock club aims to provide a forum for reader-driven discussion at a time of day when there isnt much NFL news being published. Feel free to introduce topics that interest you in the comments below.Green Bay - Aaron RodgersNew Orleans - Drew BreesNew England - Tom BradyThink of a team, think of a player... usually the quarterback.Thats the face of the franchise.Its not always crystal clearIts not always clear all the time who the face of the franchise is.Take Dallas, for example.Is it Dak?Zeke?Jason Garrett? or maybe Jerry Jones?What about Tampa Bay?Jameis Winston may have taken his last snap for the team.Fitzmagic has been just a filler-inner for a bunch of teams over the past several years.In fact, most of the veterans on the team seem to have just recently arrived from somewhere else: Jason Pierre-Paul, Vinny Curry, Brent Grimes, Desean Jackson... for the most part, these players are associated with other teams (largely the NFC East).Can we say that Josh Allen is the face of the franchise in Buffalo?Maybe its NathanPeterman.To be honest, I still think of Tyrod Taylor when I think of the Bills, but maybe Im just slow to adapt.You can make the argument for players other than quarterbacks as well.When people think of the Los Angeles Rams, do they immediately think of Jared Goff?Perhaps Todd Gurley or Aaron Donald are better bets for the role.Da Bears, with Khalil Mack, may have a defensive player who just arrived that is more strongly associated with the image of the team than its quarterback Womens Mason Foster Jersey ( , Mitch Trubisky.One might have made similar arguments in the past for players like JJ Watt in Houston or Vonn Miller in Denver.Even now, Im not so sure that those two players dont outshine their respective quarterbacks when it comes to the guy that is most associated with the franchise.RedskinsBut we are Washington Redskins fans, and it occurs to me that the team is in a bit of an identity crisis.I wonder if we agree on which player is the face of the franchise?Let me run through a few candidates, and then well see what you think.Alex SmithAs the teams starting quarterback, Alex is the most natural first choice for FotF, but I get the sense that not many people see him that way.For one thing, he just got here; furthermore, he hasnt played very inspiring football.In press conferences hes kind of bland, and he doesnt say a lot of inspiring stuff that flashes across the Twittersphere.Furthermore, Alex is on his 3rd team, so he already has strong connections to the team that drafted him (the Niners) and the team where he had the most success (the Chiefs).Adrian PetersonHes been the only consistent producer on offense, but there are lots of arguments against AD as the face of the franchise, not the least of which is that, when you think of Peterson, you think #28, purple.He is probably still the single active player most associated with the Vikings.Trent WilliamsHes one of our own; hes been here since 2010; hes arguably the best player on the team, and Washington has a tradition of loving linemen.Still, the FotF is a guy that other NFL fans think of when they think of your team.Im not sure how many Patriots or Browns fans would think of Silverback if they were asked to name one Redskins player.Derrius GuiceSort of the corollary to Trent Williams is Derrius Guice. He just arrived, hes a high profile skill player Womens Jamison Crowder Jersey ( , and people all across the NFL fan base know his name.In the two or three months following the draft, Guice made himself a DC celebrity through his infectious personality and incessant use of Twitter and Instagram.Im happy to make the argument that if he hadnt torn up his knee, he would already be the undisputed face of the Redskins across the NFL.As it stands right now, most people have forgotten hes even on the team.Jonathan AllenHes a defensive lineman, but he was a 1st round selection, he got tons of pre-draft hype last year, hes a BCS National Champion from Alabama, and he plays really good football.Hes been credited by a number of people who follow the team closely with being a leader on the team and one of the guys that has helped set a new tone for the locker room.Daron PayneAlmost everything you can say about Jon Allen can be said about Daron Payne, except that hes a rookie and perhaps hasnt established his reputation as a locker room leader as clearly as Allen has, but hes got a habit of providing really quotable material to beat reporters.D.J. SwearingerThe safety is on the field for just about 100% of all the defensive snaps.Hes widely credited by teammates, coaches, journalists and fans with being a vocal leader, a locker room presence, and a talented leader on the field.Swearinger still benefits from a lot of pre-draft hype, despite the fact that hes in his 6th year in the league.D.J. is extremely active on Twitter and Instagram he reminds me a lot of Tyrann Mathieu in that respect.D.J. has had several stops with several teams already, but I dont think hes associated with any team more strongly than the Redskins.Ryan KerriganWe picked him in the 1st round of the 2011 draft, one year after Trent Williams.Hes a cornerstone of the franchise.Jay Gruden will tell you that no one works harder; no one is a better teammate or role model.Ryan Kerrigan is the clean-cut boy-next-door that you hope your daughter will bring home.Redskins fans love him, but, around the league he doesnt have the kind of profile that one usually associates with a guy who produces the way Kerrigan does.Josh NormanJoNo may have the highest profile among non-Redskins fans of any player on the roster outside of Adrian Peterson.Hes on Dancing with the Stars , he gets interviewed by the national network shows, hes had high-profile battles with OBJ and Dez Bryant that have given him the notoriety to do high-profile mobile phone TV ads.Josh Norman certainly has his face out in front of the camera, and hes always good for a quote (though personally, I find it really hard to understand what the hell hes talking about most of the time.As an English teacher, Im offended by the gibberish he spews in reply to questions from journalists).Beyond my personal dislike of his rambling incoherence, one big problem with Norman as FotF is that he is still probably at least as much associated with the Panthers as with the Redskins.Trey QuinnTrey Quinn can kill two stones with one bird, and in high school, he is reputed to have counted to infinity... twice.Its well-documented that when a zombie apocalypse starts, Trey Quinn doesnt try to survive. The zombies do.His college coach once reported that Trey Quinn can hear sign language, and that he knows Victorias Secret.Of course, everyone knows that the reason the Holy Grail has never been recovered is because nobody is brave enough to ask Quinn to give up his favourite coffee mug.Whenever the receiver enters a room, he doesnt turn the lights on, he turns the dark off.Jay GrudenIts just possible that the face of the Redskins is not a player, but the head coach, Jay Gruden. Custom New York Jets Jerseys (
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