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How to play/edit H.265/HEVC on Windows 10? (PavSoft888)
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 20, 2017 9:43 am (написано за 7 секунд)
   Post subject: How to play/edit H.265/HEVC on Windows 10?
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If you are unable to play or edit H.265/HEVC files on Windows 10 smoothly, you may wish to read this post.
      What is H.265/HEVC?
  HEVC stands for high-efficiencyvideocoding. Also known as H.265, this new video codec will compress video files to half the size possible using the most-efficient current encoding format, MPEG-4, aka H.264 (used on Blu-ray discs and some satellite TV broadcasts). That will be one-quarter the size of files compressed using the MPEG 2 codec that most cable-TV companies still employ. More importantly, HEVC is used to compress video with 4K resolution — and possibly even 8K resolution in the future — so it can be efficiently delivered.
  Present Situation of H.265/HEVC on Win 10.
  Support for H.265/HEVC is now a part of Windows 10. You needn’t to install any codec or drivers to make H.265/HEVC files play on Windows 10. The default Windows media player plays the H265 clips natively. However, this support doesn’t guarantee that the H.265/HEVC videos will play smoothly on Windows 10 – that depends on your hardware. If you are running a computer with weak hardware, you may experience choppy and blocky playback.
  How to Play/Edit H.265/HEVC on Win 10.
  For whatever reason you are having problems playing/editing H.265/HEVC video files under Windows 10, we would recommend transcoding them to a format that is best suitable for Windows 10. Play H.265/HEVC video files on Windows 10, you need to transcode them to MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, MPEG, etc suitable format, for edit H.265/HEVC video files under Windows 10, you need to convert them to the editor original supported codec, like DNxHD for Avid Medic Composer, MPEG-2 for Adobe Premiere Pro, MPEG-4 Movie for Edius Pro, etc.
  Software Requirement for Smoothly Play/Edit H.265/HEVC
  There are few third-party programs on the market that supports H.265 video decoding. Pavtube Video Converter (www.multipelife.com/video-converter)(best H.265/HEVC Converter review (www.pavtube.com/best-h265-decoder-encoder-review.html))is arguably your ideal H.265 Video encoding and decoding application. It not only enables you to convert H.265 to Windows 10 supportable MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, MPEG, etc and importing and editing with Edius Pro (www.multipelife.com/import-h265-hevc-4k-video-to-edius-pro.html), Premiere Pro (www.multipelife.com/import-nx500-4k-h265-to-premiere-pro-cc.html) or transferring and playing with UHD TV (www.multipelife.com/play-h265-4k-on-ultra-hdtv.html). It also has the capabilities to encoding other videos to H.265 format to stream HD content with perfect quality and less bandwidth on multiple HD devices.
   (download.pavtube.com/video_converter/videoconverter_setup.exe) (www.pavtube.com/video_converter/purchase/)
  Step-by-step Guide of Converting H.265 Video to Play and Edit on Windows 10?
  Step 1: Load files to the program.
  Start the program on your computer and click"Add Video/Audio" from"File"drop-down list to add the files you desire to convert to the application.

  Step 2: Choose output file format.
  1. Converting to Windows 10 and portable devices
From the"Format" drop-down option, you can select a format that's widely support by many portable devices such as"H.264(*MP4)"video as the otuput profile format.
  1. Converting to Adobe Premiere Pro
Click the "Format" bar and switch to "Adobe Premiere/Sony.." option and select "MPEG-2(*.mpg)" as the output format for non-linear post work-flows in Premiere Pro CC.
  1. Converting to Avid
Click "Format" drop-down option, choose Avid Medic Composer best editing codec from "Avid Media Composer" > "Avid DNxHD(*.mov)
  1. Converting to Edius Pro
From "Format" bar drop-down option, choose one of Edius Pro 4/5/6/7/8 supported file formats such as "Common Video" > "MPEG-4 Movie (*.mp4)" to output.

Step 3: Set output profile parameters.
  For better playback quality on your devices, you can customzie the output profile paramerters such as video codec, size, bitrate, frame rates and audio codec, sample rate, bitrate and channels.
  Step 4: Convert H.265 video to Windows 10.
  Hit the right-bottom"Convert"button to start H.265 video to Windows 10 conversion process.
  When the conversion is done, you can play H.265 video on Windows 10 with its default media players or import the converted video files to the Avid Medic Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro (www.multipelife.com/import-media-files-to-adobe-premiere-pro.html), Edius Pro with ease.
  Source: pc-mac-compatibility-issues.blogspot.com/2016/01/h265-hevc-in-windows-10.html

Read More:

Encode H.265 with CUDA and Multi-Core Acceleration (www.pavtube.com/encode-h265-with-cuda-multi-core-acceleration.html)

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Play H.265/HEVC on PS4 (www.pavtube.com/play-h265-hevc-on-ps4.html) | Samsung NX1 H.265 to H.264 MP4 (www.pavtube.com/samsung-nx1-h265-to-h264-or-h265.html)

Upload H.265/HEVC Videos to YouTube (www.pavtube.com/guide/upload-h265-hevc-to-youtube-vimeo.html) | Play H.265 on LG TV (www.pavtube.com/play-h265-on-lg-tv.html)

Import H.265 to Premiere (www.pavtube.com/import-h265-to-premiere-elements.html) | Play H.265 on WD TV Media Player (www.pavtube.com/play-h265-on-wd-tv-media-player.html)

Play H.265 Video on Android (www.pavtube.com/play-h265-on-android.html) | Play H.265 on LG/Samsung/Philip TV (www.pavtube.com/guide/play-h265-hevc-on-lg-samsung-philip-tv.html)
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